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Eclipse GlassFish Downloads

Eclipse GlassFish 7.x

GlassFish 7.0.5 is a final release, containing final Jakarta EE 10 APIs. It compiles and runs on JDK 11 to JDK 20. MicroProfile support requires JDK 17 or higher.

The main features of this release are a number of important bug fixes such as one in deployment-time recursive bytecode, resetting the security context if a principal has not changed, and several fixes in clustering.

Jakarta EE components have been updated for Mail, JSON Processing, and REST. Auxiliary components such as Jackson and Commons IO have also been updated to their latest version.


More details:

All Eclipse GlassFish 7.x Downloads

Download all GlassFish 7.x releases at the Eclipse GlassFish 7.x Downloads page.

Eclipse GlassFish Milestone & Nightly Downloads

You can download the latest Eclipse GlassFish development milestone or nightly version in the Eclipse Foundation Download portal.

Eclipse GlassFish 6.x

GlassFish 6.2.5 updates and reenables a lot of tests that were disabled in previous versions (most after the GF 5 to 6 transition), once again improves JDK 17 compatibility (cases found by the new tests), fixes several bugs, and contains new versions of Hibernate Validator, Jackson and others.

For more details on Jakarta EE 9.1, please see the Jakarte EE Platform Specification Project.

All Eclipse GlassFish 6.x Downloads

Download all GlassFish 6.x releases at the Eclipse GlassFish 6.x Downloads page.

Eclipse GlassFish 5.x

The latest stable releases of Eclipse GlassFish 5.1. This version is compatible with Jakarta EE 8 Specification.

Looking for Java EE 8?

Java EE has been contributed to the Eclipse Foundation. The Jakarta EE community is responsible for all evolution of the project formerly known as Java EE. If you are looking for details of the archived Java EE GlassFish project, you are welcome to browse here.

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