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TCK Results

As required by the Eclipse Foundation Technology Compatibility Kit License, following is a summary of the TCK results for releases of Jakarta Server Faces.

Eclipse Mojarra 2.3.9, Certification Summary

  • Product Name, Version and download URL (if applicable):
    Eclipse Mojarra 2.3.9, provides Jakarta Server Faces 2.3.1 Eclipse Mojarra Project
  • Specification Name, Version and download URL:
    Jakarta Server Faces, 2.3
  • TCK Version, digital SHA-256 fingerprint and download URL:
    Jakarta Server Faces 2.3, TCK, SHA-256: 77375ad39f8b736034dbfd554152bbd3e3931a9c9ef1760049c60c5fa87a06d9
  • Public URL of TCK Results Summary:
    TCK results summary
  • Any Additional Specification Certification Requirements:
  • Java runtime used to run the implementation:
    Oracle JDK 1.8.0_191
  • Summary of the information for the certification environment, operating system, cloud, …:
    Linux Centos 7

Test results:

[javatest.batch] ********************************************************************************
[javatest.batch] Completed running 5525 tests.
[javatest.batch] Number of Tests Passed      = 5525
[javatest.batch] Number of Tests Failed      = 0
[javatest.batch] Number of Tests with Errors = 0
[javatest.batch] ********************************************************************************

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