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tests if a connection pool is usable


asadmin [asadmin-options] ping-connection-pool [--help]
[--appname application [--modulename module]


The ping-connection-pool subcommand tests if an existing JDBC or connector connection pool is usable . For example, if you create a new JDBC connection pool for an application that is expected to be deployed later, the JDBC pool is tested with this subcommand before deploying the application.

Before testing availability of a connection pool, you must create the connection pool with authentication and ensure that the server or database is started.

This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.

Application Scoped Resources

The ping-connection-pool subcommand can target resources that are scoped to a specific application or module, as defined in the glassfish-resources.xml for the GlassFish domain.

  • To reference the jndi-name for an application scoped resource, perform the lookup using the java:app prefix.

  • To reference the jndi-name for a module scoped resource, perform the lookup using the java:module prefix.

The jndi-name for application-scoped-resources or module-scoped-resources are specified using the format java:app/`jdbc/myDataSource or `java:module/`jdbc/myModuleLevelDataSource. This naming scope is defined in the Java EE 6 Specification (`



Options for the asadmin utility. For information about these options, see the asadmin(1M) help page.


Displays the help text for the subcommand.


Name of the application in which the application scoped resource is defined.


Name of the module in which the module scoped resource is defined.



Name of the connection pool to be reinitialized.


Example 1   Contacting a Connection Pool

This example tests to see if the connection pool named DerbyPool is usable.

asadmin> ping-connection-pool DerbyPool
Command ping-connection-pool executed successfully

Exit Status


subcommand executed successfully


error in executing the subcommand

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